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(Cox, 1831)Horse racing can be traced back to 4500 BC in Central Asia. Nomadic tribes domesticated wild horses and used them for transportation, survival, and competition.[1]

Chariot racing was a public sport in ancient Greece and Rome. The events were added to the Olympic games in 680 BC.[2]

King James I of the united England, Ireland, and Scotland, felt that racing would boost England’s equine base. During his reign, horse racing became known as the “Sport of Kings”. English successors, Charles I and Charles II became actively involved in the sport from 1625-1685.[3]


The Thoroughbred horse originated in England in the 17th and 18th centuries. Most Thoroughbreds today can trace their lineage back to three stallions from the Middle East.[4]

The Byerley Turk belonged to Captain Robert Byerley who rode the stallion during King William’s War in 1689. Although records are not clear, it is believed the stallion was an Arabian horse. After his service, Captain Byerley retired and bred his stallion with English mares on the estate of Goldsborough. The Byerley Turk died in 1706.[5]

The Godolphin Arabian came from Yemen and was given to King Louis XV of France for a short time around 1730. The stallion was moved to England by Edward Coke. After Coke’s death in 1733 the 2nd Earl of Godolphin acquired the stallion and placed him into stud at Babraham, Cambridgeshire until the stallion’s death in 1753.[6]

The Darley Arabian was purchased by Thomas Darley in Syria in 1704. The stallion stood at Aldby Park in England. The Arabian never raced but his sire line became the strongest in the world. It is believed that 95% of modern Thoroughbreds can trace their lineage back to this single stallion. (Club, 1994) (Montgomery, 1971) (Henry, 1962) (Robertson, 1694) (Draper, 1996)[7]


Horse racing in America began with the early settlers from England. Long Island, New York was the site of the first horse racetrack in 1665. The first Thoroughbred stallion brought to the colonies was the son of the Darley stallion in 1730, Bulle Rock. [8]

Thoroughbred racing made its way across the country as America expanded. Explorers of Oregon participated in races with indigenous tribes as early as 1815.

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1933 Gresham Horse racing at Gresham Downs
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1944 Portland Oregon Thoroughbred Breeders Association formed OTOBA
1946 Portland Portland Meadows opens
1956 Salem Oregon State Fair - harness racing State fair roots are deep in Salem, Capi Lynn, Statesman Journal, Aug 22, 2015
1957 Salem Oregon State Fair - new Thoroughbred barns built State fair roots are deep in Salem, Capi Lynn, Statesman Journal, Aug 22, 2015
1968 Grants Pass Josephine County Fair holds horse racing State fair roots are deep in Salem, Capi Lynn, Statesman Journal, Aug 22, 2015
2019 Portland Portland Meadows sold and demolished
2019 Grants Pass TMB, Inc. begins venture at Grants Pass Downs for commerical racing




State Senator Julian McFadden introduces rules for the formation of the Oregon Racing Commission.



Formation of Oregon Thoroughbred Breeders Association



Portland Meadows is constructed under the direction of William P. Kyne.  Kyne was the founder of Bay Meadows Racecourse and was largely responsible for the passage of 1933 law legalizing pari-mutuel wagering in California. First Thoroughbred track in the nation to offer night-time racing. Lighting system designed by General Electric.

Source: Portland Meadows website 2016



Portland Meadows opening day September 14. Over 10,000 people in attendance.

Source: Portland Meadows website 2016



Bill Wineberg and partners buy Portland Meadows



OTBA begins producing association magazine – Oregon Thoroughbred Review. Issues sold for 75 cents and $2.50 for statistical issues.



Dr. G.R. Vandervort – President

OTBA represents horsemen and negotiates contract with Portland Meadows.

Judy B – Oregon-bred Horse of the Year (photo)

Praise Jay – OB wins San Antonio Stakes at Santa Anita. First OB since Mioland (1940) to win a major stakes. (photo)

Racing reports from Portland Meadows, Pacific International Exposition (at Portland Meadows), Salem Park, Gresham Park.

Leading Sire stats from 1957

Source: OTR, Spring 1969


Violet “Pinky” Smith becomes the first licensed female jockey in Oregon.

Source: The Oregon Horse September 2002


Thoroughbred Breeders of Kentucky gift Governor Tom McCall a yearling of Chateaugay—Primacy, by Some Chance.

Source: OTR July 1969


1970 – 1979

Multnomah County Fair allocates 10 days to dog racing.

Bill Wineberg balks at a contract with the horsemen since legislation provides that 4.8% of the handle must go to purses.

Backside barns get new roofs. (photo)

OB, Man A’Live, sets jumping records. Star of the Seattle International Show, 1969.(photo)

Source: OTR, January, 1970


Praise Jay – Oregon Horse of the Year, second leading money earner behind Mioland. (photo)

Source: OTR, Spring, 1970


Tom McCall @ Portland Meadows (photo)

Jerry Collins, new owner @ Portland Meadows (photo)

Fire destroys PM in April (photo)

OTBA sponsors race meet at Salem Fairgrounds due to PM closure (WT June 1988

Source: OTR, January, 1971


Reopening of PM (photo)

Don Jackson begins Thoroughbred operation. Stands stallion Flying Lark. (photo & ad)

Josephine County builds new track, grandstand and stalls.

Lone Oak meet in Salem (photo)

Source: OTR, Spring, 1971


Role of OTBA

Rebuild of Pm (photos)

OTBA banquet recap (photos)

Source: OTR, July 1971


Ontario & Tillamook race meets (photos)

Source: OTR, October, 1971


DuCall is 2nd time Oregon Horse of the Year 1971

Photos from 1959 – Multnomah County Fair & Portland Meadows

Source: OTR Spring 1972


HBPA formed – Bruce Williams named president

Source: OTR July 1972


Portland Meadows track rebuilt (photos)

Oregon State Fair installs night lighting

Source: OTR October 1972


Wineberg Racing Association news

Lone Oak report (photos)

Source: Oregon Horse Magazine Fall 1977


OTBA new backside office

Source: OHM Spring 1978


Stella Hatfield CEO Portland Meadows (photo)

Source: OHM Summer 1978

First OTBA Mixed Sale

Source: OHM Fall 1978


Wineberg daughters (photo)

Source: OHM Winter 1978


1980 - 1989

Mioland stats & photos

Source: OHM Spring 1980


Salem review (photos)

Source: OHM Summer 1980


Licensing off-track betting in Oregon

Claudia Starr

Mioland article

Source: OHM Spring 1981


Grants Pass review (photos)

Source: OHM Summer 1981


Flying Lark dies (photos)

Greyhound racing

Tillamook review

Source: OHM Fall 1981


Changes at Portland Meadows (photos)

Source: OHM Winter 1981


The Oregon Triple Crown Series

Source: OHM Spring/Summer 1982


Off-track wagering expansion in Oregon

Source: OHM Summer/Fall 1982


Flying Larks leads nation in gross progeny earnings

Source: OHM Fall 1982


Proposed sale of Portland Meadows back to Jerry Collins

Source: OHM Summer 1983


Sale of lease rights of Portland Meadows to Art McFadden, Bill Farr, Jim Raley and Danny Vogel

Flying Lark leading sire in the nation 4th consecutive year

Aaron Jones Eclipse Winner Lemhi Gold

Source: OHM Winter 1983


Baseball passes Horseracing in Attendance

Source: OHM Summer 1984


Bob Lanphere and racing in Oregon

New Portland Meadows owner, John Jensen

Source: OHM Fall 1984


Sonny Meling and Servomation attempt to acquire Portland Meadows

Source: OHM Winter 1984


The first National TOBA Awards held

10 Summer Fair race meets held

Polynesian Flyer – Oregon Horse of the Year

Source: OHM Spring 1985


Jack Root become OTBA President

Gary Stevens becomes accomplished jockey – has roots in Oregon

Source: OHM Fall 1985


Greek Native wins Oregon-bred Futurity (photos)

Four women jockeys win races on one card – possibly has never happened before

Source: OHM Winter 1986



Oregon Horse Magazine becomes part of The Washington Thoroughbred magazine in December 1987

OTBA receives money from the Agricultural Opportunity Fund for breeding and stallion awards

Source: The Oregon Horse Newsletter August/September 1987


Tribute to Don Jackson

Tribute to Mary McFadden Goldblatt

Source: WT December 1987 Stallion Register


OTBA Awards banquet – photos of Jack Root, Don Jackson, Rob Douglas, Gordon Tallman

Mary McFadden Goldblatt passes away at age 83. Daughter of State Senator, Julian McFadden (author of ORC rules, 1933)

1st publication with the Washington Thoroughbred

Source: Washington Thoroughbred April 1988


Former Portland Meadows jockey, Gary Stevens, wins 114th Kentucky Derby aboard Winning Colors

Source: WT June 1988


Greg Gunderson named General Manager at Portland Meadows. Gunderson is the grandson of William P. Kyne who built Portland Meadows.

Source: WT August 1988


Brady Gallagher retires as OTBA Executive Secretary. Ursula Gibbons is the only staff.

Polynesian Flyer honored. Leading all time Oregon-bred earner, 14 career wins, $387,085 in earnings.

Bill Shoemaker rides two races at Portland Meadows on “Bill Shoemaker Day”.

Source: WT December 1988


Oregon Racing, Inc. acquires Portland Meadows. Investors are: Colin Hegarty, Don Johnson, Barry Fine, Curtis Carlson

Source: WT October 1989



1990 - 1999

Don Jackson retires from OTBA board.

Source: WT February 1990


Oregon Racing, Inc. has successful first year. Sponsorship of Portland Mile by Coors.

Source: WT June 1990


OTBA pays Stallion Awards and Breeders Awards from Agriculture Grant

Source: WT December 1990

Oregon Racing, Inc. files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Source: WT April 1991


HBPA & Donna Jensen agree to one year lease to hold race meet.

Grants Pass Downs named after Don Jackson

Source: WT September 1991


Privatization of horse racing at Oregon State Fair

Darrell and Vickie Lee take over operations of Portland Meadows

Source: WT December 1991


Arabian and Appaloosa racing added at Portland Meadows in 1992

Source: WT April 1992


Lone Oak Racing, Inc. formed in Salem. Ray Boucher, Lonny Craig and Glen Knickerbocker lease Salem Fair Grounds.

Source: WT February 1993


Profile of Pleasure Acres owned by Julian McFadden

Source: WT April 1993


Darrell Lee barred from grounds as orders by the ORC for financial irregularities. Gene Ferryman continues to operate The New Portland Meadows.

Oregon legislature reduces state’s share of handle from 2% to 1%. Increases number of OTBs to 20.

Source: WT February 1994


Ursula Gibbons becomes OTBA Executive Secretary

Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine regains accreditation

Source: WT June 1994


Portland Meadows 50th Anniversary

Source: WT April 1996


OTBA Breeding Symposium with D. Wayne Lukas

Source: WT September 1996


Lone Oak Park in Salem shortened to 9 day meet without simulcast.

Source: WT September 1997


Dispute between Darrel Lee and Gene Ferryman goes to court and a receiver is appointed. Ferryman becomes sole owner.

Source: WT February 1998, September 1998


Oakhurst Thoroughbreds opens.

Source: WT December 1999




EPA challenges at Portland Meadows with water and manure

Source: WT May 2000, September 2000


Magna (Stronach) shows interest in Portland Meadows

Source: WT December 2000


Tom Moyer purchases right to Portland Meadows and reaches agreement with Magna

Source: WT May 2001


The Oregon Horse moves to the flipside of the Washington Thoroughbred magazine

Source: The Oregon Horse September 2002


Ron Sutton of the OHBPA creates the Jockey Incentive Program.


Art McFadden history article

Source: The Oregon Horse March 2003


Portland Meadows and OHBPA legislation proposal is drafted (it will reduce the OTBA percentage of handle)

Source: The Oregon Horse December 2004


Don Jackson tribute

Bruce Williams tribute

Source: The Oregon Horse March 2004


OTBA named changed to OTOBA

Changes to statute lobbied for to benefit Magna Senate bill 929

Multnomah Greyhound Park closed by Magna

Source: The Oregon Horse March 2005


Ex Mountain Cop wins the $30,000 OTOBA bonus

Instant Racing machines re-installed at Portland Meadows

Source: The Oregon Horse March 2007


Attorney General rules that Instant Racing is illegal. Magna threatens to not run. Races days are cut and horsemen have to leave the grounds during the summer.

Source: The Oregon Horse September 2007


New OTOBA Exec Director, Brandy Stoeckinger, takes over as Ursula Gibbons retires after 22 years.

Source: The Oregon Horse March/April 2008


Profile of Flying Lark

Source: The Oregon Horse June 2008


Bar C Racing Stables profile

OTOBA suspends horse sale

Source: The Oregon Horse September 2008


Magna files bankruptcy

Source: The Oregon Horse June 2009


Grindstone comes to Oakhurst

Source: The Oregon Horse September 2009


Spirit Mountain Casino sponsors Oregon Championship Day

Source: The Oregon Horse Jan/Feb 2010


Profile on Colonel Julian McFadden

Source: The Oregon Horse December 2010


Don Jackson passes away

Portland Meadows has facelift and new marketing

Source: The Oregon Horse December 2012


OTOBA participates in the Macy’s Holiday Parade in Portland

Source: The Oregon Horse January 2014


OTOBA awards $4,000 in student scholarships

Source: The Oregon Horse September 2014


Giacomo comes to Oakhurst

OTOBA introduces Foal Registration Program

Source: The Oregon Horse Breeding 2016


Portland Meadows celebrates 70 years of racing

Source: The Oregon Horse Racing 2016